Wednesday, March 9th, 2016


Sushma Swaraj an Example of Silent Achiever?

Look at the time she has tweeted 3_34 am morning when so called student like khanayas were sleeping …hats off to this lady for her commitment.. Tweet

Kanhaiya Abusing Army for political Gains?

This is big accusation. Defence should investigate. Or Kejriwal and Pappu speaking?  

Elections are Coming!

Elections in Assam and three other states are declared. so be well prepared to hear again debate on Intolerance, Returning of Awards, vandalism in Church, infringement of the rights of the Minorities.

Welcome to “Being Right”

Right-wing politics hold that some forms of social stratification or social inequality are inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable, typically defending this position on the basis of natural law, economics or tradition. Hierarchy and inequality may be viewed as natural results of traditional social differences or from competition in market economies