Real Story: A tweet can Fix the door in Indian train, how?

Real Story shared by Mr. Animesh Chandra Shrivastav
I was travelling in August Kranti Rajdhani from Nizamuddin to Mumbai Central. The door of the AC compartment was however not working properly and it always got stuck in the mid-way leaving the door half open, because of which noise increased and also mosquito’s and flies were entering the coach. We all people sitting together next to door ignored the problem thinking there can be no solution. However when I went to sleep the noise coming from outside became very irritating and I couldn’t sleep. So I thought of tweeting this problem to @RailMinIndia as I read few incidents how railway was taking problem via Twitter. I tweeted to @RailMinIndia at 12 A.M and honestly never hoped that anything is going to happen for this or even if anyone does anything about this it will be probably in morning when we reach Mumbai. But to my surprise reply came from @RailMinIndia which forwarded the complaint to @Drmbcrwr (DRM Vadodara). I tweeted again to DRM Vadodara and the door was fixed by technical staff on train after an hour at 3:30 A.M night.

Really surprised, happy and proud of our Railway. If the government is addressing your problems at 12 in night and providing you solution as quick as possible then surely the government is working for people and working hard. Suresh Prabhu Ji @sureshpprabhu is doing a great job and providing us very quick way complaint and get it addressed at pace never done before. Obviously one of the best ministers in cabinet. And the NDA government is truly for the people. Looking forward to more positive changes in railways.
Thank you sir. 🙂