Thursday, March 24th, 2016


A Monk who sold his company. This American started to promote Bhagavad gita

Roach, after his stint in Varanasi, will visit Bangalore on February 29, New Delhi on March 2 and finally Ahmedabad on March 4. American-born Geshe Michael Roach, a fully ordained Buddhist monk, is in Varanasi for a discussion on ‘How to Use the Great Ideas of the Bhagavad Gita for Business and Personal Success’. Before heading towards Banaras Hindu University, Roach spoke to iamin about the influence of the Bhagavad Gita in his life. He said that the Gita is one of the greatest classics of world literature which canRead More

Hindu temple funds are used for Non-Hindu Religious purposes by Govts

The Hindu temples have been taken over by government , you can see a board saying if you drop your offerings with priest it will go to priest’s bank account and indirectly saying whatever you offer and drop in hundi (place to drop offerings) it will go to government and be used for development of temples. According to hindu population there are about 40 lacs small and big temples, 99% of them are built centuries ago by hindu kings ,there is no great example of a temple being built andRead More

What is Hinduism and India? Straight forward, Clean & Swift answer by Modi

Straight forward, clean & swift answer by Modi on what is the Essense of India and Hinduism. Shame that lots of anti-India people are trying to kill the Indian spirit by rumoring nonsense This 3 Minutes of watch will be worth of it if you love India.