Delhi Doctor dragged out of house and Lynched Brutally by 15 Muslim and other men

The killing of Dr Pankaj Narang in west Delhi is a hate crime. It is outrageous that the media is projecting it as a case of road rage.

Dr Narang’s son and nephew were playing cricket in the New Krishnapuri neighbourhood of Vikaspuri where the accused arrived, riding a motorcycle rashly. Since it risked the lives of the childeen, Dr Narang and his brother-in-law Vikas Sethi protested. The accused left their motorbike on the spot, went back to the Indira Camp slum where they live and came back with 15-odd goons armed with cricket bats and iron rods, and beat up Dr Narang and Sethi mercilessly. The dentist succumbed to the injuries at the Mata Chanan Devi hospital.


Majority of the accused, including the arrested and main accused Naseer, Aamir, their mother Maesar, are Muslims. They are e-rickshaw drivers and fish sellers. In the Indian society as it is, an incident where the poor gang up to charge the people of a middle class locality is unheard of. Only communal hatred could have charged up Naseer & gang.

The locals say Naseer et al were enraged by the fact that the Vikaspuri neighbourhood was celebrating India’s victory over Bangladesh at the World Cup T20 match the night of last Wednesday. Local residents believe the assailants are illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators while the administration refuses to acknowledge it. The police have refused to see the incident from a communal angle.


We hope the picture of a young widow and her son will make it to the newspaper headlines tomorrow. With news channels having totally blacked out the brutal lynching of a Delhi doctor by Bangladeshis from a nearby slum. No mention in media of religion of the man who was murdered nor any identification of the religion of the killers.