Expose: NIT Srinagar on Fire – Patriotism vs Anti-Nationalism

NIT Srinagar on Fire – Patriotism vs Anti-Nationalism, which started with some students celebrating India’s defeat in WT20 world cup. While nationalists students marked their resist by hoisting national flag. But Jammu & Kashmir police supporting Kashmiris chanting anti-India slogans and shooting tear gas on students. Media is forbidden to enter the college. Even College staff is supporting the Anti-Nationalists and one of them even chanted the slogans “Pakistan Zindabaad, Bharat Murdabaad” in class lecture. Kashmiri people from outside the college are gathered in the campus chanting anti – India slogans and throwing stones on students. Some students hoisted the Tricolor and they were beaten by the police very badly.


Hypocrisy of Media was exposed, as Media was on war-footing during JNU clashes and then project the students chanting Anti-India slogans as hero. While in NIT real heroes which hoisted national flag was not given any preference in their reporting.


Home Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted and responded to situation, however many students were beaten up badly by then.


Currently Situation is managed by deployed CRPF in the NIT campus and around.


It is unfortunate that nationalists and patriotic students were left to the mercy of the brutal police of J&K, it is irony that both center and state BJP had stake and role in handling the situation.