Saturday, April 9th, 2016


Video: Shoe attack on Kejriwal at Odd-even press conf, Attacker claims to have CDs of AAP CNG Scam.

New Delhi: An unidentified man threw a shoe at Arvind Kejriwal this afternoon when the Delhi Chief Minister had just begun giving out details of the odd-even scheme for cars which will run again from April 15. The shoe landed near Mr Kejriwal, missing him. The shoe-thrower believed to be from a lesser known breakaway faction of AAP called the Aam Admi Sena was whisked away as soon as he hurled the shoe and a CD at Mr Kejriwal. Before throwing the shoe, the man was seen shouting and seekingRead More

This is how Modi Sleeps in Plane to Save time and shorten foreign trips

Check-in bags are not coming off Air India One these days, as on most of the nights, the Prime Minister aims at sleeping on the plane rather than in foreign hotels to shorten his trips. In his latest trips to Belgium, US and Saudi Arabia between March 30 and April 2, Narendra Modi spent three nights on Air India One – while in transit from Delhi to Brussels, from Brussels to Washington DC and from there to Riyadh. He just spent two nights at hotels – one in Washington andRead More