Revealed: Aam Aadmi Party is not that agent of change, writes an IITian

Aam Aadmi Party has created a lot of waves among the masses as well as classes. This debutant party has shaken the foundations of existing Congress and the BJP. Many people see in it, the much needed agent of change, which the city of Delhi and perhaps the whole country needs. Will the AAP change the way politics is done in India? There are many good things (some extremely good) and many bad things (some extremely bad) talked about this party. I would select a few points to show that the much hyped ‘Change’ this party is offering is only in the minds of its supporters.

1. Claim – AAP/@Arvind Arvind Kejriwal are Completely clean and honest

Reason – The foremost explanation given is AAP declares its Donors list and Kejriwal has ‘clean image’, and that he could have earned crores in his government job (IRS) if he wanted to earn just money. This narrative further changed over time and translated to “Atleast he is cleaner than Congress & BJP”

Analysis – In Politics as we have seen through 2G, CWG, CG etc, 1 can earn billions of dollars, not just Crores of rupees. Therefore the reason that he ‘sacrificed’ everything is meaningless. A corrupt traffic policeman would earn a few thousand rupees, a corrupt politician would earn billions, is it fair to say Policeman is more honest or less corrupt? NO! Simply because he didn’t get enough chance to loot public money. So the real test should be on whether a person has looted money when he has got the chance to do so. Kejriwal took home salary as an IRS officer for years, even while he was on vacation. He later returned the money when the Congress govt. caught his act. In the Sting video (howsoever politically motivated 1 may call it). Kumar Vishwas says that he is ready to take money from an MLA, for doing a show, without knowing who the MLA is, i.e what the sources of his funding is (Money laundering). It shows Top AAP leaders have taken advantage of situations as and when they have got it. Why would they not gobble up billions once they get a chance to do so? On Donors list, one does not know if it is complete & exhaustive, who has verified their claims? Has it been audited by a 3rd party? That way anyone can put up random list. In short AAP is making a lot of noise only because it has lesser stake, once it gets more entrenched, it would show the same, if not more, level of dirt as Congress

2. Claim – Arvind is highly efficient and can solve any problem

Reason – Arvind’s educational background. He is an IIT Graduate. He is a former IRS officer which is tough to qualify. SO because of his impressive educational background he should be able to solve everything

1949793Analysis – 1 can only ask for Arvind’s achievements in his life before IAC activism and forming AAP. As an IRS officer, how many corrupt politicians did he bust (Note the word bust and not extorted)? What were his other achievements? If it is about educational qualification, is our esteemed PM Dr. Manmohan Singh any less educated? He is perhaps the most educated politicians not just in the country but the whole world and what a mess he has turned the country into? I did have the privilege to study from a very good educational institute where people from quite impressive background (including the IITs) also studied. With my experience I can easily say being from IIT is no certification that the person even possesses a common sense. Bottom line, there are enough and many people from the IITs/IIMs who are Dumbos (not talking of myself) and there are enough and many people from average backgrounds who are geniuses.

3. Claim – AAP is a True Blue Secular party

Reason – AAP Thinks only about Indians and not about Hindus, Muslims etc

Analysis –The very 1st thing AAP did after its formation was build exclusive political cells for Muslims, Sikhs etc. How is it different from any other ‘Secular’ party? Later on it indulged in writing separate letters for each religion, the standout being a letter to Muslims where Kejriwal said court convicted terrorists were innocent. Later on, he went to meet Maulana Taqueer Raza of the Samajwadi party so that he could use his influence to garner votes on religious lines, the same way Congress or Samajwadi Party does. In their election manifesto, they have mentioned that Muslims youth’s fake encounter would be prevented. SO they are completely ok if the ones encountered are Hindus? Such divisive politics is already existent in a large scale and I am sure people are not looking for AAP’s version of change

4. Claim – AAP is a Fully Democratic party

Reason – All the candidates have been selected through a democratic process, similar to USA primaries elections

Analysis – The truth is some of AAP (NOT all) were pre decided as accepted by former prominent AAP members. They also changed candidates based on unknown reasons. Like the candidate for Kalkaji was changed, despite the former winning the ‘primary’. In-fact AAP is a 4 man party which revolves around Arvind Kejriwal and his Inner Circle of a few members, who run the party in an autocratic fashion. Plethora of resignations from the party, barely within months of its formation testify this

5. Claim – AAP supports RTI/RTR/RTr

Reason – AAP volunteers say so. Kejriwal says so

Analysis – So far AAP has not responded to RTI filed by some Social Activists. Their candidate from Uttam Nagar was rejected by local Volunteers of AAP. A huge majority of Uttam Nagar AAP volunteers wanted the candidate to be rejected and replaced with a new one. They even sat for weeks of Anshan (fast). Result – AAP did not allow Right to Reject (RTR) which it preached about

6. AAP has only clean candidates

Reason – Kejriwal says so. AAP volunteers say so

Analysis – AAP raised a Lot of hue and cry over how Congress, BJP etc had ‘tainted’ candidates. But AAP itself has 5 or 6 tainted candidates. Arvind himself has 9 FIRs on him. Maybe those FIRs are fake, maybe not, courts will decide, but shouldn’t the same yardstick then apply to other parties? Or atleast if he took that Moral High Ground, should he not set an example by removing those tainted candidates including himself?

7. AAP has very good, clean, competent candidates & their ‘Swaraj’ model will CHANGE everything

Reason – Kejriwal says so. AAP volunteers say so

Analysis – Cannot verify if all are clean but assuming they are, what of their competence. Are they good enough? Some of the candidates are so naive that for every problem, their solution is Swaraj and Lokpal. They seem to be out of the world. Swaraj Model in itself is 1 flawed concept. It talks of decentralization of power and providing autonomy at a regional level. How will this be achieved? No clarity on that.

8. AAP has massive support across the countries. Many volunteers work for it for free

Reason – Kejriwal says so. AAP volunteers say so

Analysis – In their own website, AAP has shown that the Volunteers expenditure monthly is somewhere between 5 Lakhs and 10 Lakhs, apart from other Network/Social Media expenses. This goes on to show that AAP has an Army of Paid Volunteers who work for it to spread its propaganda in Social Media as well as Ground. There are people who have also left Jobs to campaign for AAP, but that doesn’t nullify existence of an active Paid Army

9. AAP is a Pro Youth, pro Middle Class party

Reason – Kejriwal says so. AAP volunteers say so

Analysis – If you read AAP manifesto carefully, it would be clear that AAP has a Socialist agenda, which is to cripple the industries and strengthen the culture of Freebies (Doling out gifts like Laptops, TVs etc). Despite the bleeding Economy they have offered to lower electricity bills by 50%, free water upto 700 litres for a family. These are just socialist schemes which would lead to lower jobs in the economy, thereby increasing the UNEMPLOYMENT rate among the youth. State will get into a bigger debt trap. The party aims at Poverty alleviation and not Wealth Creation, like any other socialist party such as Congress, DMK, NCP etc.

I can go on and on but I am not even getting into how some Top leaders of AAP have ridiculously blamed Indian Army, praised dangerous terrorist organizations like SIMI, talked of possibility of gifting Kashmir to Pak, including a Convicted dreaded Naxalite in their Core reforms team, fought cases for deadly terrorists/suicide bombers to ensure they get free and kill more people, run mercy plea campaigns for these terrorists or how they have formed alleged collusion with certain political parties or how Yogendra Yadav said that Janlokpal movement was only for Hindus and not Muslims. AAP has just finished 1 year of its formation and already shown signs of dirt running deep into its system. Once it gets older and gets more powers (responsibilities), it will show more of this dirt.

I am definitely not saying that one should not be hopeful or should avoid voting, for not voting is a social crime. What I am saying is we need a change, a LOT of change, change in the way how court drags cases for decades, change in a lot of systems, change in red tapism in Babugiri, but Aam Aadmi Party is not that agent of change because it is nothing but an old wine (and a rotten one) in a new bottle. AAP has possibly picked all the bad points of different political party. AAP has been hijacked by the Leftist Mafia, same one which dictates the many of the other political parties including the Congress and the BJP. It is a HOAX and one of the biggest Hoaxes to have hit us in the recent times.

From: Suyash Bhardwaj (IIM – Calcutta 2011 Batch)