Friday, April 22nd, 2016


Must Watch: “Kejriwal the Abusive” vs “Modi the Motivator”, decide yourself

TheLotPot How you judge people? On the bases of their reaction under same circumstances, right? The video that we are sharing with you will let you judge both of them. The situation is same but reactions are different. Both of them have gotten huge mandate from public. One got in center and one got in Delhi. Both of them are compared time and again for the work they do. Watch the Video here: Now, in the video first Kejriwal will address the bureaucrats and the way he addressed these IASesRead More

Shocking: In a bid to heal and convert, Cristian missionaries met Modi’s wife Jashodaben

OpIndia According to a report published in Amar Ujala, a team of Christian missionaries recently visited Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s estranged wife Jashodaben. Brother Peter Paul, who was one of the visitors, said, “I have heard about her prayers and her loneliness. Her soul-touching story affected me. I heard through newspaper that she is in Mumbai.  I searched for her whereabouts and went to meet her with my colleagues.” Now we all know what this means– This is a call and tactic for conversion and is in the training ofRead More

How Bengaluru women workers on behalf of pan-India, defeated the mighty Modi govt

Bengaluru: The two days of violent protests in Bengaluru, one in a buzzing area, Bommanahalli located at the hosur road connecting Electronic City, where the core IT companies are located. And another in Peenya, which is asia’s largest Industrial town, more to many Indian and International industries and garments. Women workers facing the heat of police as they had given orders of lathi charge when the situation went out of control When asked one of the women protesting, she said “it is my hard earned money, government cannot steal it”,Read More

Sonia Gandhi’s sister in Italy sells Antiques stolen from India: Alleges Swamy in a viral video

New Delhi: A video is going viral on various social media platforms. The video features serious allegations against Sonia Gandhi by Subramanian Swamy. The video shows BJP leader Subramanian Swamy accusing Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s sister in Italy running a shop of Indian antiques. “The antiques, which are being sold by Sonia Gandhi’s sister, were stolen from India,” Swamy alleged. Watch the Video Here: Video: BeingRight doesn’t vouch for authenticity of the video.

Must Watch: Salty sea water can be made Drinkable with this Solar powered device

New Delhi: At a time when the persistent moisture deficit conditions, increase in hot days and day-night temperature is turning India into a dry nation and causing Latur-like water crisis, a latest research shows that the salty sea water can easily be made drinkable. As per the clipping, designer Gabriele Diamanti has invented a very simple creation called ‘Eliodomestico’ which can really prove to be a boon for India where mainly children and women are forced to walk miles in the scourging sun in search of water. Eliodomestico – isRead More