Must Watch: “Kejriwal the Abusive” vs “Modi the Motivator”, decide yourself


How you judge people? On the bases of their reaction under same circumstances, right?
The video that we are sharing with you will let you judge both of them. The situation is same but reactions are different. Both of them have gotten huge mandate from public. One got in center and one got in Delhi. Both of them are compared time and again for the work they do.
Watch the Video here:

Now, in the video first Kejriwal will address the bureaucrats and the way he addressed these IASes was as if they were not bureaucrats they were some goons instead. That would have been the way Hitler would have addressed his diplomats.
IAS is one of the most important position in the country. An IAS remains an IAS, CMs and PMs change. And Kejriwal treated these important dignitaries like dogs. Is this the way you treat your delegate? They are the ones who make strategies and then implement them. CM just listens to them and sign if he feels the idea is good. If you treat them like this will they work for you?

Then came Modi and he addressed the bureaucrats and just listen to him the way he handled them.

You decide and tell which is more apt and more progressive?