Opinion: Biggest failure of Modi Govt is doing what any other Govt did, Read to know

Biggest failure of Modi Government is doing what any other government did : Ignoring Salaried Middle class. No, we are not looking for any Tax relief, but please don’t flush indirect tax on us. We can not be the scape goat for achieving the Fiscal Targets.
1. Service tax raised from 12.36 to 15%.
2. Fuel Cess increased every now and then. We can understand once or twice but more than 6 times
within a quarter?
3.Reduced Interest rate of PPF.
4.Amounts deducted on ATM transaction. We mostly travel in Bus Train and Autos and eat in zunka bhakar kendra. None of these accept card transaction. It’s OK if you deduct amount withdrawal over 5k per day. But on every damn transaction is too much for a ask.
5. Tax and Withdrawal limits on EPF (Now it is withhold after protests)

mumbaiRailMiddleclassImagine a Middle class is surviving only on Salary and Majority end up paying 30% as tax straight away from their salary thanks to Minimum taxable income slab which is not in line with the inflation since last 10 years. And there is a good component of money invested on Insurance and other options saving tax approx 10-15% . Then they need to pay 15% service taxes. Mind you most of them are already paying heavily on EMI due to steep rise of property price during UPA tenure.

No government can be fully ideal, there must be some areas where this government had also gone wrong, or any of its policies are not performing to highest possibility due to some loop holes. Hope govt is quick in filling those gaps


From the inputs from Being Right editorial and Quora (Vasant Shetty)