Tuesday, April 26th, 2016


Real Incident: An IIT student is thankful of Modi for OROP, after he met an Ex-serviceman

On 25th April,2016 , I went to SBI IIT Roorkee branch and I saw two old man sitting side by side watching their passbooks. 1st man was probably in his 80’s as he was with his daughter and even not able to stand straight properly. Second man nearly in his 60’s named Abdul was sitting nearby me and he asked me- ” Can you find the credit section of April month ” . Me – ” Yes , uncle ” He said ” Please sum the credited amount ” MeRead More

Must Watch: Piyush Goyal Rips Apart America, Exposing their Double Standards on ClimateChange

Attacking the Western world for its “double standards” in tackling climate change, Power Minister Piyush Goyal today said there is a “gap” in what the “West” says and what it does on climate change. “My concern is that there is a lot of gap in what is being said by the West and what is being delivered. There is no denying for the fact that for last 150 years, the West has enjoyed low-cost fossil fuels and developed their economies,” Mr Goyal said. In A Conversation With Henny Sender, ChiefRead More

One app to do it all, Modi Govt’s Ambitious plan to provide 200 govt services in One platform

Quartz India One app to do it all, one app to find them. From passport services to income tax, from railway ticket bookings to land records, the Narendra Modi government is working on a mobile application project that’ll eventually bring some 200 central, state and local government services onto a single platform. In the pipeline for over eight months, the Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance (UMANG) project was conceptualised to tap into India’s smartphone boom. The project is being developed by the union ministry of communications and information technology’sRead More

A software engineer, who changed the Organic Farming landscape in Mandya, benefiting farmers

A farmer walks into the Organic Mandya store and puts a big bag of tomatoes and chillies on the table. The cashier weights it to be approximately 4.5 kg and 1.25 kg respectively and hands him a few crisp notes. The farmer pockets the money and walks away. The entire process took no less than six minutes. There were no delays, negotiations, middlemen or disappointments. But Mandya wasn’t like this a year ago. In July 2015, more than 20 sugarcane farmers committed suicide. Perennially irrigated and verdant, Mandya is justRead More

Modi Govt is planning “Chakravyuh” kind of locking system for Indo-Pak border, read how

The Centre has okayed a five-layer elaborate plan to completely stop infiltration on the 2,900-km western border with Pakistan. It entails round-the-clock surveillance through sophisticated technology which in effect will totally “lock” India’s western border to prevent Pathankot-like terror attacks and smuggling. CCTV cameras, thermal image and night-vision devices, battlefield surveillance radar, underground monitoring sensors and laser barriers will be placed along the border to track all movement from the other side. The integrated set-up will ensure that if one device doesn’t work, another will alert the control room inRead More