Hilarious: AAP Leader “Ashutosh” tweeted his naked legs pic, what happened next is hilarious

One of the past Anchor on the news channels and now leader  and member of the Aam Admi Party posted the picture of his disgusting naked legs on Twitter while watching TV and titled it “Wide Angle”.

Those who do not know about this- “Wide Angle” is a sexist term and this guy used it for himself on Twitter with some “Open legs” which may make you nostalgic towards “Sharon Stone of Basic Instinct”. I guess he was “High on Drinks” while he Tweeted his Naked Hairy legs”.

But this lead to some “Dhamaal” on Twitter by The Twitterati. First see what Ashutosh Tweeted:


And what followed was how Twitter handles trolled him like anything. 




Just before this tweet few days back , Ashutosh had asked for someone to spare laptop for elections. So here is the reply to it.



Source: theLotpot and Twitter