Twitter Matter: How kejriwal is negatively obsessed with Modi

Mr Kejriwal’s tweets on various occasions, have revealed that he has lot of negatively towards Prime Minister Modi. Even before investigations or learning truth, Kejriwal has jumped to conclusions and starts accusing Modi without proof and support material. And later twitterati has been critical of him, for which he is always unapologetic. While Delhites just wish he uses his time in constructive work and fulfilling promises made to Delhi.

We bring you here, some his such tweets in “Twitter Matter”

On recent inaguration of E-Autos

Recently Kejriwal cited a controversy and hurt hindus sentiment by tweeting this cartoon

Hanuman-esque figure assuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi that public attention has been diverted towards JNU from other pressing issues. Kejriwal posted the cartoon, published in a leading national daily, on his Twitter account. Within minutes, #Kejriwalinsultshanuman started trending.

A person lodged a police complaint against the Delhi CM in Hyderabad seeking ” appropriate action” against him for “hurting religious sentiments”.

The point of contention appeared to be a character sporting a tail which can be seen flying towards Modi while assuring him, “Done Sir, all attention is on JNU”. The PM is shown standing amid raging fires over several socio-economic and security issues.


During the LS polls campaigning

During the critical situation in Chennai, affected by heavy rains and floods.


During the Bihar elections campaining


During CBI raid of a Corrupt officer in the CMO office, Delhi. Officer allegedly very close to Kejriwal


During the Modiji’s US trip 2015, where in he met investers and wooed Millions of $ investments to India


During the JNU incident happened and before even the investigations were done, he put his decision that theyr were innocent.


In an incident when Kejriwal did not follow assembly protocol to recruit IAS officers.