Inspirational: When Modi became PM, 2 Lakh unverified files from 1960 were lying in PMO, Read how he Modernized it

modi-meeting-ptiAt times some statistics and numbers will really surprise us. Once such incident is from PMO office, after Modi assumed office almost 1800 Sq Ft of space was cleared by just clearing files accumulated. Yes true the space is almost the size of a comfortable 2 Bedroom house. Imagine a house full of files!!!

“In total 2 lakh files were verified, and some were the complaints received in 1960 but they were lying in PMO office without taking action”

After they were verified and sent out seems it filled almost 6 truck load. Imagine the truck load of files stuck in PMO office, what might be the situation across the country.

After Modi took over, situation is different. Public Complaints department is completely modernized. New 45 Computers has occupied the place emptied by clearing files. More than 20 PMO employees sitting in railway bhavan for lack of space have been moved back.

Result of all these is that, earlier it used to take 4-7 days to get verified has been reduced to 2 days now. Also the complaints has increased from 1lakh to 6 lakh per year. Another reason for increase in complaints is now it is computerized and majority of the complaints come from E-mail, even twitter, Facebook and SMS reports are also considered for means of complaints. Now even you can track your request through online tracking.

As a result of all these actions, here is one incident which explains the criticality of the complaints received at PMO.

An young man from Ahmadabad had applied for Railway department D grade post, and he had passed the exam. But department has kept his application on hold due to health reasons. So he wrote to PMO office stating his complaint. Within two days Railway department corrected the mistake and he was asked to report to Railway job. He is now employee of Railways.

In an another incident, K Kasturi of TamilNadu has been to bank for Jandhan account opening, but the bank staff opened normal bank savings account for her. She inquired in the bank, staff said that Jandhan account duration is over and cannot be opened anymore.

Then she took help of other villager and send complaint to PMO office. Within two days she got her JanDhan account created. However these are small incidents which shows the Dept of the criticality of PMO office. There are 100s of incidents which are available for this. Here Narendra Modi might not be directly involved in this, but the system he created after he assumed office is strong and delivering results.

If we want to understand the thought process, aim and working style of Prime Minister Modi, these above incidents are provoking factor. After he became Prime Minister, he spoke about toilers and cleanliness, the very obvious question on everyone’s mind was why should a PM talk about toilets, why not many other bigger projects? so to answer that is if he ignore smaller thinks everyone else down under will have same thought process.

Recently there was big protest in Bangaluru from the garment workers regarding PF. There was some glitches in central govt understanding on PF, but every employee should remember the revolutionary changes bought to PF office. Employees had to struggle when they moved from one company to another for PF transfer and also every to know the PF account people had to struggle. There were PF adalats to resolve the issues, but it has all been resolved now.

Everything is online, once the application is submitted, the status of it can also be checked online. Even the submitted keep getting SMS alerts. Recently a police constable named Roshan Lal from Haryana moved to Delhi. He wanted to transfer his PF to be transfered to Delhi, he was running pillar to post from an year. But once he reported the issue to PMO office, within one month his pension was transfered to Delhi.

Similar to CM’s state relief fund there is Prime minister’s relief fund. It is specifically used for poor and needy for critical health related help. After Modi’s revamp of Relief Fund department, the cases coming to it is being resolved quickly is what opinion of people. Once the application is approved the applicant receives SMS on their mobile and they even get a ltter from Narendra Modi. More than the money, the personalized letter from PM gives more happiness to the people already suffering with health issues.

All those hyper liberals who criticize Modi Model, always intentionally overlook these achievements. However, now that PMO is efficient in delivering results, all the issues should not be sent to them. It will demoralize and make other departments irrelevant. State federal governments, Corporations and zilla panchayats should adopt similar methods to address the grievances.

These are simple and efficient solutions, which the governments which rules 60 yrs earlier to Modi, did not thought off or tried to implement. In that good governance perspective Modi is real role model.

Source: Translated from Vijayvani Article by Vinayak Bhat