Real Incident: How a renowned photographer fixed a leaking tap in Delhi Railway Station with a click

Delhi: Renowned wildlife photographer Sudhir Shivaram was in Old Delhi station few days back for a transit, and noticed water leaking from one of the taps in the station. His consensus did not allow him to ignore it while all others passengers in the station did, while he tried to patch up the tap with whatever he had, but in vain. So he took a picture of it and reported to Railway ministry with a tweet.

As usual RailMinIndia tweeter handler immediately responded and reported to corresponding authorities. Although these days it not surprise of Railway ministry helping passengers in SoS or helping when need, but fixing station tap is quite a positive act.

Here is what he had to say “Don’t just stand and keep complaining that this is how it is. Do your part, give it a shot. I am happy I did my small bit to get it fixed. I was not there to check as my train left, but glad they responded and delegated the task. I tied that plastic cover to reduce the flow. Hope it got fixed. Do share and help in spreading awareness”



First Response from RailMinIndia and acknowledgement from DRMDelhi.


Thanking Tweet


Source: Twitter and SudhirFB page