Saturday, May 7th, 2016


Video: Narendra Modi’s reply in parliament is HARD SLAP to Owaisi & Other Critics, Watch here

Mr Owaisi tried to play vote bank politics in parliament, taking only divisive and negative issues, nothing about development or unification of Indians or about this constituency problems. But Modi gave a decisive reply, which will make Owaisi and other critics who always talk about divisive and provoke communities. Let us support Modi, our visionary leader. Watch the video here. Source: Youtube

Watch: Modi laughs at Chaiwala remark in parliament, Imagine BJP saying “Bartender” remark

Rajya Sabha on Thursday today witnessed some lighter moments amid the pandemonium when Congress leader Praful Patel had made reference to tea vendors in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Praful Patel said Paanwalas and Chaiwalas raise RTI to know about missile technology. So then he shouldn’t go to the paanwaala & chaiwaala to ask for vote with a bowl. Why can’t a paanwaala ask about missile technology ? That smacks of class prejudice, Mr Praful Patel. Watch Video Here: Source: NewzStreet

Must Watch: When Dr Swamy said to Karan Thapar that “Most Journos are Anglo-Saxons stock”

Watch Dr. Subramanian Swamy Thrashing Media and IndiaTodayTV’s Karan Thapar left and right, Sonia Gandhi & Her Congress  With Facts – ‘Sonia Gandhi Is Guilty As Hell’ At one point Swamy said ” I won’t tell you because I don’t trust you. I don’t trust most journalists who belong to Anglo-Saxons stock” Swamy to Thapar.  “I can have an opinion that Sonia Gandhi is guilty. She is now a suspect, a crime has been committed and I have evidence of it. The legal process will take its course and sheRead More