Must Watch: This interview has questions every Social Media right winger has, Smriti bashes Barkha

Smriti Irani demolishes devastates Barkha Dutt & her NDTV in what could be called as a bashing rather than an interview.

Barkha: what are your achievements in HRD

Smriti Irani: <<enumerates a big list>>

Barkha: what are your regrets in the last 2 yrs?

Smriti: Giving interview to Barkha is my only regret, apart from that, none.

Barkha: Do you are saying that the Right wing has been
given a raw deal by the media ?

Smriti: no not the entire media. But you & your NDTV, ….no other channel is as vicious & vile as you people are.

Barkha: we have made documentaries on Congress as well

Smriti: can you tell me why you don’t outrage when BJP karyakartas are hacked to death in Kerala?

Why do you keep mum when a dalit woman is raped & murdered in a Congress ruled territory?

It has been a genetic make up of you & your organization to act as a political Stepney to the Congress.

In debates, your perspectives are left loaded or congress loaded.

Why can’t a journalist simply present plain news instead of injecting their perspective into it ?

Barkha: I get abuses on Social media, character assassinated… blah blah…

Smriti: so do I, not only by trolls but by journalists & politicians as well. But I don’t do a 9 pm show to highlight that.

And you also indulge in character assassination Barkha, don’t you ?

Barkha: when did I do that?

Smriti: character assassination is not always physical.

You & your NDTV have demonised Modi ji for 13 years.

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Source: NDTV