Bollywood actor Irfan Khan tweeted this to all the 3 politicans, check the response here

There is a big big difference. In fact people need to stop comparing these 2 political brothers with Narendra Modi. These two don’t stand anywhere close to Modi.

While on one hand Modi is busy working hard for the betterment of this country, these two politicians are busy spreading hate, spewing venom and doing dirty politics.

This is what happened a 2 days back:

Bollywood actor Irfan Khan tweeted this to all the 3 politicans. See the response:

This is what Kejriwal responded:

This is what Rahul Gandhi responded:

This is what the Prime Minister’s Office responded to him:

The 2 so called politicians, when they saw a bollywood actor tweeting them, they immediately agreed to meet. For what? No questions asked. They thought, they can use this for their PR stunt. Kejriwal will tweet saying that entire bollywood now supports AAP. Also shows that both these guys have no work to do.

While on the other hand we see PMO following protocol and asking him to send across the letter with details. Why else should he be allowed to meet and waste time of PM Modi.