One rain and Flyover build by Kejriwal Govt has caved in, Hope kejriwal builds quality roads instead of spending on Ads

There were many govts which have come and gone in Delhi, however we have not seen such pathetic road works, even during Congress govts have built many flyovers which are atleast have not broken down. Is this typical of lefthist govts to have sub-standard quality of public works, as same thing happened in Kolkota.

Under the governance of Mr. Kejriwal, Delhi got an elevated road. The road connects Madhuban Chawk and Mukarba road. The road was inaugurated on 24th January 2016. Central government had sanctioned 421.79 Crores for the  road but Kejriwal government constructed the road in 300 crores. Kejriwal was extremely happy after the construction and he started boasting and tapping his back for saving more than 100 crores for Delhi.


After saving 100 crores The Imaandaar Sarkar got so much boosted that they spent nearly 200 crores on the advertisement saying Delhi Government has saved 100 Crores of Delhi. “Yeh Hai Imaandar Sarkar.” this was the line they used on every hoarding or radio ad.

But then after 4 month we started to see some turmoil in the roads. There were some cracks here and there. People complaint about it but they were not furious about it (as they were some cracks only). But then comes the rain, and its been only 3-4 decent rainy days that Delhi has witnessed this season.  Just after these rains there is a big pot hole in the road now.