Monday, August 1st, 2016


Funny how AAP Leader Ashutosh run away on scooter after Delhi Public shouted Anti Kejriwal

AAP leader Ashutosh while interacting with public of Chandi Chowk faced intense protest. The crowd also shouted anti Kejriwal slogan. He ultimately flee on scooter

How Bharka Dutt’s sensationalized journalism is hurting Nation. She is not the ‘messiah’, that Indian journalism needs.

The want of a hidden alliance with the Establishment. The government in Delhi has changed. By effect, the faces in the famed parties of Lutyens’ Delhi, have changed too. As the new boys who are ruling the town, are beginning to make sense of the Lutyens’ zone, there are a few, who are trying to do everything they can, to keep their familiar faces relevant. These are faces from the power zone of Delhi, who have made their careers out of building, and maintaining friendships, with people who matter. OneRead More