Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016


What exactly is GST? Here is the simplest explanation

Many people have been messaging me asking what exactly GST is. So here is a quick and easy explanation of GST. There are two kinds of taxes, direct and indirect. Direct taxes are those which are directly to be paid by the assess to the Government and in India can be levied only by central government, i.e., you have to pay your own income tax. Indirect tax is that tax whose burden can be shifted to another person, and in India can be levied by both central and state governments.Read More

‘Separatism’, ‘dispute’ and ‘autonomy’ are three myths of Kashmir, read the facts here

We need to be aware of the myths, vicious lies and half truths about the matter being propagated. The mistrust and generational brainwashing is being orchestrated by Hyenas, from across the border in Pakistan. These are forces inimical to the Union of India, and ideologically led, funded and motivated by the Government of Pakistan through the ISI. Our own Governmental ineptitude and sheer apathy (across the political spectrum) have only added fuel to the fire. Read on …. *KASHMIR THE UNKNOWN DISTORTED FACTS* *Separatism: Hype vs the truth* 1. SeparatistRead More

Must Watch: Hilarious Interview of Congress worker in Varanasi, Calls RaGa as “Pappu”

As Sonia Gandhi sounds the poll bugle in Uttar Pradesh from PM Modi’s constituency of Varanasi, an enthusiastic Congress worker says “aaj Pappu fail nahin hai, aaj Pappu paas hoga”, referring to Rahul Gandhi.