This Muslim man made absurd remards on Sushma Swaraj, but what Sushma did will make him feel ashamed. Read here

Faizan Patel, a muslim man, who can make such an absurd and sexual comment about the lady with a lot of influence, A Minister of External Affairs of world largest democracy. God knows what would he be doing with other ladies/girls who live in his surroundings. What a shame this guy is for his parents, for his community and for the country as well.


However, the world is small, it takes just a while to come around. The same Faizan was going on a honeymoon, but his wife passport got lost last minute, but he decides to continue his travel, tweets Sushma Swaraj about a picture he placed his wife’s photo on the empty seat next to him. How she could not join because she did not have passport.


What Sushma Swaraj did next was “Good for Evil” redefined, without even bothering he was a troll and had passed absurd remarks on her, she went ahead and helped him and his wife. Tweeted Immediately for his wife to contact her.


And she made sure her Wife is issued with Duplicate passport, this is the perfect example of Modi’s approach of governance “Sab ka saath, Sab ka Vikas”. These peacefuls never bother to check the reality or support good work done by NDA government have per-occupied mindset of hateness for Modi and BJP govt, however Modi government doesn’t check if they are vote bank, all they see and support is Indians.


Source: Sushma Swaraj Twitter Handle