This is the best move till today by PM Narendra Modi on Kashmir and Pakistan issue, Read More!

On 12th August 2016, Prime Minister Narendraji Modi who chaired an all-party meeting on Kashmir unrest, said that Jammu & Kashmir along with Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is part of India and there will not be any compromise on national security. Prime Minister sent a strong message to Pakistan indicting it of its atrocities in Balochistan & PoK ( Pakistan occupied Kashmir).


This is the best move till today by PM Narendra Modi on Kashmir and Pakistan issue. One simply cannot be this aggressive on international stage just at the start of his term and his government. Modi has tried every policy, every diplomacy towards good relations with Pakistan. Recently, we know he had visited Pakistan on Nawaaj Sharif’s daughter’s wedding. Still Pakistan is not stopping from his activities. Now the time has come to take firm steps against Pakistan. We must have firm strategy against Pakistan keeping in mind that we can’t afford war today.

For the answer of this question we must understand the current situation in J&K and PoK. One report of IB has revealed that amount of 100 Crores has been sent from Pakistan through hawala across border to disturb Kashmir. This has happened after death of Indian Mujahidin’s terrorist Burhan Wani. Pakistan also had a black day on his death. Now it has been 36th day that Kashmir is disturbed. During this period, over 60 peoples were being killed and 1000s are injured.

Now Pakistan is raising the issue of violation of Human-rights by Indian Army in J&K. Pakistan is pointing towards strict action by Indian army against protestors. Pakistan in UN said that peoples from Kashmir who want freedom from India are protesting against India. But reality is that the peoples who are actually sent by Pakistan or rented by Pakistan. This is just a group of few peoples who are disturbing Kashmir. Actual Kashmiris want development, peace, education and freedom from poverty. Thats what PM Modi said that we have to win the belief of Kashmir people by putting them in flow of development along with rest of India.

Now Modi government has decided to counter attack Pakistan’s strategy about J&K. Modi has raised question about atrocities in Balochistan & PoK. PM Modi has said that time has come that Pakistan will have to answer the world about the atrocities being committed on people in Balochistan and PoK.

The peoples from PoK and Balochistan has now started protesting against Pakistan’s extrimism. PoK these days is abuzz with profreedom slogans and this has made Pakistan nervous. Pakistani media also reporting it widely. The people are impressed with the efforts taken by Indian ( Modi) Govt. and Indian Army especially during 2014 floods nd 2015 earthquakes. PM Modi’s working style has raised alarm bells for Pakistan as the residents of PoK are now openly advocating to be part of India.

I think, now this strategy to counter attack Pakistan on issue of PoK atrocities in UN and trying to put Kashmir in flow of development will work. No one from Kashmir wants terror and disturb situations in Kashmir. Its because of Pakistan’s internal political fights between government and their Army.

Lets see what happens next…!!!

By Mandar Manjare