Via RTI Reply: Kejriwal spent 59 Lakhs for personal expenses, 50Lakhs specifically for Tea/Snacks

Today when asked about the Dismal position of Delhi under shocking cases of Chikungunya, Dengue and Malaria, Arvind Kejriwal gave this shocking reply:

He claimed that he can not even buy a pen- He is so powerless in Delhi.

But a RTI has exposed that in last one year he has spent over 58 Lakhs on personal expanses from the Tax Payer’s money. Around 4 lakh Rupees has been used for his Car alone, Around 3.5 lakhs on his Medicines and over 3 lakhs has been spent on his Tours (Punjab, Rome, Bangalore). This all is not official- All money issued for personal works.

Above all- He has spent around Rs 50 Lakhs on Tea, Coffee and Samosa in his office.

Here is the breakup of the expenses

1. Petrol – 2,75,616/-
2. Vehicle Maintainance – 1,15,999/-
3. Tea coffee,snacks (mo)- 22,42,320/-
4. Tea coffee snacks (co)- 24,86,921/-
5. Electricity bill – 1,73,490/-
6. Medical reimbursement – 3,33,684/-
7. Traveling fares – 3,04,139/-

Total personal expenses – 59,32,169/-

See the shocking copy of the RTI here:



Source: Vijendera Sharma for RTI