October, 2016


5 Shocking reasons why Pakistan and Kejriwal want Video of Surgical Strike made public

Why Pakisthan and it’s Agents in India want Video of surgical strike by India to be made public? To know about the Air Asset used in trasporting the forces Type and Technique used for the Air Drop which pakisthan was unable to detect To know about type of Body gear used by the forces To know the Guns and Ammunitions used in the surgical strike Type of headgear and attack formations used during the Operations. Once these secrets are disclosed, it will become easier to counter India with similar attacks.Read More

53 Years Ago, these 120 Men Saved Ladakh From China, only 6 survived to tell the tale

India hasn’t lost a lot of wars – which is why 1962 India-China war is essential because it hardened the resolve for India to create an army like no other.   Despite the fact that India lost the war, it made us realise how important it was to modernise our army and weaponry. The only thing that stood out though was the bravado of the Indian soldier – who fought to his last breath without weapons or back up often with his bare hands like in the case of RezangRead More

Kejriwal suspects Indian Army, by Asking this, such a Disgrace to nation

In a disgraceful effort towards nation and its soldiers, Kejriwal today pointed out how Pakistan is denying the surgical strike carried out by the Indian Army on September 29 and asking international media to report the same. To clarify matters, the Delhi CM urged Modi, “unmask the false propaganda of Pakistan”. In a series of tweets, he asked the Centre to “counter” Pakistan’s claims and also asked people not to believe Pakistan’s reports on the surgical strike. As soon Kejriwal tweeted the video, #AKBackModiOnPak, a hashtag he used with theRead More