Ever Wondered? Modi, a tea seller is more matured with his words and actions as compared to Kejriwal

Formal education doesn’t give anybody the ability to shape a country’s future or a society’s outlook. It merely qualifies the student for a job, at best. What it does give is access – to information, through literacy. Beyond that point, character and a whole lot of influences play a role in shaping a leader.

India is a complex mix and can’t be mastered in a hurry, let alone led towards a cohesive vision.

kejriwal-modiModi has spent years honing his administrative abilities, and making them effective across the spectrum, across ages and classes, divisions and departments. He’s taken pains to get where he is now. His connect to people and their aspirations is multidimensional, and highly empathetic because he’s come through the ranks.

AK has done his share of resume building, but it pales in comparison to what Modi has put in.

Modi has been groomed without any entitlement, by people around him, the system, and the country he has a vision for. Naturally we see a statesman, urging everyone to do just a little better. He wants India to dream big and have big ambitions, because he genuinely believes India can do much better.

AK is ambitious, but for himself, not the nation. He hasn’t put in the hard yards like Modi has. So he has ill formed ideas, and knee jerk reactions. His lack of character or class lets him get frustrated, and throw abuses and tantrums, which clearly indicate he is immature. Naturally we see a whiner, urging everyone to get just a little bitter.

Modi is almost always positive, and AK almost always negative. Guess who will get more done. Unfortunately, formal education, certificates or professional qualifications don’t do much to change people’s attitudes.

AK wants us all to demand change, while Modi wants us to cause change.

This is the difference between a man in a hurry, and a man who is urging India to hurry.

It is not a fair comparison.

by: Bala Senthil Kumar