Read here: How currency note ban is not sudden decision, but a systematic planning from 2 yrs, by Modi Govt.

The Decision to stop the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denomination was not sudden. It merely started with bank account for all, the financial inclusion scheme, that Modi govt penned very first after assuming office, which yielded over whelming results and appraisal from World Bank.

Then linked bank accounts with Aadhar, which was called as Direct Benefit Transfer. The primary aim of this Direct Benefit Transfer program is to bring transparency and terminate pilferage from distribution of funds sponsored by Central Government of India. In DBT, benefit or subsidy will be directly transferred to citizens living below poverty line.

Then brought disclosure of bank account passport and Aadhar no. in income tax return. Add to it the various data mining and collection tools in the hands of the income tax department. Then the income disclosure scheme, remember Modiji in one of the UP elections rally had said “I will do surgical strike on the Black money”, so this is it.

modi_notebanAnd this masterstroke of stopping high denomination Notes. Truly a systematic change in the last 2 years!!!
Timing is also key – 8 pm announcement means no possibility to make last moment transaction at Jewellary shop or any impact on share market. Again, just look at the timing! He’s totally screwed the satta bazaar who are betting thousands of crores on the US elections results today. The results will be out by 1 am, whereas the currency notes will be worthless from 12 am tonight.

That’s okay, Be at home. Don’t worry, Eat wat u have, Travel as u can, Ask for lift if u don’t have change. Don’t worry
This is a drastic change,  It’s for good ..We can support this Don’t complain or’s our chance to raise India back to what it was.
It’s our chance to support Our leader. Indeed why only army has to support the fight. Let’s all come to geather and fight back Let us do for us n our coming generations, Let’s do for our country. Let’s support our pm
Drastic change does not come slowly. It hits like a hammer and breaks all that is, Congratulations India for a legendary leader. It can be chaos in the moment, it will be revolutionary transforming for our coming generations. We dont mind bearing this inconvenience now, for a better future.