Expose: Kejriwal tried to instigate Riots so that Govt extends Rs500/1000 notes exchange

Punjab elections are coming. For last one year AAP has given tough competition to BJP and Congress in the opinion polls to win Punjab. And allegedly AAP has received a huge amount of money from Hawala sources like “From Canada organisations” which wants AAP to win.

Now once this money became a piece of paper after the announcement of Mr. Modi on 8th of November in which he announced that 500/1000 notes will be banned- Corrupts have got a surgical strike on their intentions.

And it seems one of them is Arvind Kejriwal. Why?

kejriwal_mandiWell, people of India are silently standing in the queue and playing their part in this amazing work to curb Black Money. But some media platforms it seems along with some politicians want to create anarchy in India by taking advantage of the situation. Ofcorse people are standing in queue for 2-3 hours to exchange money and some are in problem also.

Now imagine some political party uses its goons to create a Riot like situation.

Well as I said- Some political parties and Media houses are “Hand in Hand” for such a situation.

Check What Kejriwal said today.


Yesterday he met with some Unions like “Azadpur Mandi” and Bank Unions. Generally anarchy is produced by using such unions.

Instigating riots!


Source: theLotPot