Read how PM Modi has taken the weakest point of his Govt to Strongest, with one Decision

After completing 2 years PM Narendra Modi had sought feedback from people by inviting them to rate his government’s initiatives on the government portal. The survey gave us an idea of what people thought about the Government at that time.

Following were the results:

  • In more than half the questions, the rating was 4 or more out of 5 (Foreign policy 4.4, Make in India 4.2, Ease of doing business 4.1)
  • On Railways and Highways, it scored 90% or above (4.5 average)

But look at the last one- The lowest rating received was for Tackling Black Money which got 3.4 out of 5.

That was an area where people thought not much had been done. Now imagine if this survey is done once again at the end of the third year, what do you think the rating will be? It has caused inconvenience but people also know it is a step taken for long term benefits and to actually tackle the issue.

The decision has been such a high impact one that no one in this country is going to forget this decision. It might end up as the most talked about or defining highlight of this Government at the end of 5 years when the next elections take place in 2019.

PM Modi has taken the weakest point of his Government (as per the survey) and turned it into possibly the strongest!

by Achyut Telang