It took Indian Army to visit US to know about this Indian Device, which does wonders!

During Pathankot attack Indian army turned to-little known startup tonbo imaging.

Tonbo has developed a multisensor fusion imaging system that can simultaneously see both heat (infrared spectrum) and light (visible spectrum) and fuse them into one image. Arvind Lakshmikumar, the founder-CEO of Tonbo, claims it is one of only two companies in the world developing this pixel-level image fusion device.The company recently received a $100 million contract from the Peruvian army and is in the process of fulfilling it.

ArmyEquipmentIt took the Indian Army a trip to the US to be convinced about the quality and efficiency of Tonbo’s products. In its initial days, Tonbo had approached the Indian Army to sell its devices, but the Army was skeptical about the product as it did not have any existing users. Later, in 2012, Tonbo approached the US Army Special Forces, who procured around 15 pieces of its thermal imaging device from the company, helping Tonbo validate its product. “The Indian military was on a joint exercise in the US when the US Army Special Forces were using this equipment (Tonbo’s); the visiting Indian team was fascinated by the equipment and on enquiring, found out that the devices came from back home in Bangalore,” says Arvind.