A2 milk from desi Indian breed cow is good for health while A1 milk from non-Indian breed cow injurious to health?

We have been told since our childhood that “Milk” is an excellent nutritional supplement and is the best for our health, body and mind but is the “Milk” that we drink today really the elixir we think of or is it a “slow poison” that can jeopardize entire generation of Indians!

The debate here is, are we drinking the milk we ought to be drinking? Did the “White Revolution”, which we are so proud of, really gave us the enormous quantity of milk which ought to be given to us?

And it boils down to species of milk that most of us might not know and that is A1 Milk and A2 Milk.

A1 Milk vs. A2 Milk

The difference between A1 Milk and A2 Milk is that, one is formed with A1 protein and the other is A2 protein. These A1 and A2 protein are different types of Beta-Casein proteins which form a large chunk of proteins present in Milk.

So how does consumption of A1 milk differs from A2 milk?

In simple words one type of Milk is the elixir that I mentioned and the other type of milk is the poison that we are not even aware of!

In other words, A2 Milk is the “best thing” your body can have while A1 milk is a “basket of diseases”.

A1 milk  is from foreign cow breeds and is literally poison that we are drinking collectively right now. This A1 milk has been related to Autism, Diabetes, indigestion and even schizophrenia. The A1 protein releases BCM -7 which is an opioid(A substance that affects the nervous system).

Therefore it is the A2 milk that needs to be consumed and not A1 milk.

The question now boils down to:

Where is A2 milk available and which cow breeds produce nutritious A2 Milk?

Unfortunately in India A2 milk has been almost wiped out due to the White Revolution that we are so proud of.

The white revolution introduced foreign cow breeds to India which produced lots of milk and replaced the Indian cow. That is another thing that, even certain Indian cow breeds are good producers of milk. With the replacement of the Indian cows with foreign or European breeds such as Jersey, the A2 milk we had is lost.

Only the Indian cow breeds produce A2 milk.  But, all Indian milk manufacturers produce A1 milk and not A2 milk.

How do Indian breed cow looks vs how is foreign bred cow?

There is a difference between the Indian cow and the foreign bred cow. The Indian cow has a hump on it whereas the jersey has no hump. The Indian cow has a flap on its neck and this is missing in the jersey cow. Indian cow has less fur than the foreign bred cow.

Below is the image of the foreign bred Jersey cow in which there is No “Hump” Vs Indian cow in which the “hump” is clearly visible behind the head.


India had very few cases of Alzheimers or Autism but now they are steadily rising due to our eating habits that have mindlessly copied the west. What the eating habits our ancestors had as food or Milk was and is treasure and we must cherish it.

In fact the by products from the Indian cow such as urine and cow-dung have medicinal properties and have patent registered against them. They are proven to have anti-fungal properties and even prevent cancer. It was an RSS funded project along with NEERI(National Environmental Engineering Research Institute ) that got two patents on cow Urine – the Chinese patent (100475221) came on April 8, 2009, the US patent (7718360) was granted on May 18, 2010.

RSS-sponsored cow urine drug gets US, China patents

This is the reason why the Indian Vedic Cow is considered to be holy by the Hindu community for its immense benefits to mankind.

In New Zealand and Australia now there is a trend of pushing the people to consume A2 milk and it is available in the markets at much higher price but atleast they are selling it and kudos to their governments for taking such steps. A2 milk now holds up to 8% of the market.

What to do with this issue then?

I personally stopped drinking Milk long back but what we can do is:

  1. Urge the Health Ministry and government to look at this issue of Milk and establish Indian Cow diaries all over India.
  2. You can find the nearest Gaushala(Cow Dairy) and ask the keeper to give you milk from the Indian cow only.
  3. Look for other alternative sources of nutrition which can fulfil the nutrients gotten from milk.

The Health of not only us but our future generations lies in our hands. Let us not make India the capital of Diabetes, Autism and Alzheimers.

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