Is “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” (Victory to Mother India), an Anti-Islamic statement? Know the Truth here!

A true Citizen of India, reveals how he was mislead and realised the real meaning and being patriotic in the later phase of life! Bharat Mata Ki Jai” (Victory to Mother India) is an Anti-Islamic statement. A Muslim should not chant this otherwise he/she will be thrown out of Islam forever. The above statement was said by my closest friend (who was a Muslim too and elder than me in School) just before our School function on the day of Independence i.e 15th August. I was younger then, I believedRead More

An Incident, when Maharajah Mangal Singh tried to humiliate Swami Vivekananda, But what is turned out to be is Amazing!

One of many incidents, one is about his meeting with king of Alwar Mangal Singh. Swami Vivekananda reached Alwar and went to meet Mangal Singh at his palace. When Mangal Singh met Vivekananda he started making fun of him. He first asked Vivekananda — “Well Swamiji, I hear you are a great scholar. You can easily earn a living and live a comfortable life, then why are you living a beggar’s life and roaming like a vagabond?” Vivekananda immediately retorted— “Maharajah, tell me why you constantly spend your time in theRead More

A2 milk from desi Indian breed cow is good for health while A1 milk from non-Indian breed cow injurious to health?

We have been told since our childhood that “Milk” is an excellent nutritional supplement and is the best for our health, body and mind but is the “Milk” that we drink today really the elixir we think of or is it a “slow poison” that can jeopardize entire generation of Indians! The debate here is, are we drinking the milk we ought to be drinking? Did the “White Revolution”, which we are so proud of, really gave us the enormous quantity of milk which ought to be given to us?Read More

7 Points which shows Modi is all-Drama and No work: Satire Alert

Yes, Narendra Modi is ‘all-drama’ because. Narendra Modi won 282 seats out of 543 seats in general Lok Sabha elections. A clear majority due to high hopes and trust that people had on him. A perfect plot/theme of Narendra Modi’s drama. Make in India, Swachha Bharat Abhiyan, Digital India and Startup India are steps taken for development and advancement of India. A perfect genre/style of Narendra Modi’s drama. Well educated and effective ministers like Piyush Goyal, Suresh Prabhu and Rajnath Singh handle his cabinet’s portfolio. Perfect characters for Narendra Modi’sRead More

This is why 400 Yrs of history is missing from Indian Text Books.

Has anyone noticed the 400 year leap that Indian history textbooks have from 650 AD to 1050 AD? Why are these 4 centuries ignored? Lets take the two endpoints mentioned in this question- The Harsha empire in 650 AD and the rise of Delhi Sultanate in 1050 AD. Both these empires have had their bases in Delhi. Ofcourse, Mohammad Bin Tughlaq tried shifting the capital from Delhi- with disastrous consequences. That brought the Delhi Sultanate to an end. Lets see the map of the Empire of Harsha below.   NoticeRead More

It took Indian Army to visit US to know about this Indian Device, which does wonders!

During Pathankot attack Indian army turned to-little known startup tonbo imaging. Tonbo has developed a multisensor fusion imaging system that can simultaneously see both heat (infrared spectrum) and light (visible spectrum) and fuse them into one image. Arvind Lakshmikumar, the founder-CEO of Tonbo, claims it is one of only two companies in the world developing this pixel-level image fusion device.The company recently received a $100 million contract from the Peruvian army and is in the process of fulfilling it. It took the Indian Army a trip to the US toRead More

Read how PM Modi has taken the weakest point of his Govt to Strongest, with one Decision

After completing 2 years PM Narendra Modi had sought feedback from people by inviting them to rate his government’s initiatives on the government portal. The survey gave us an idea of what people thought about the Government at that time. Following were the results: In more than half the questions, the rating was 4 or more out of 5 (Foreign policy 4.4, Make in India 4.2, Ease of doing business 4.1) On Railways and Highways, it scored 90% or above (4.5 average) But look at the last one- TheRead More

Watch here: What happens when you soak new Rs 2000 note in Water?

Quality Test-NEW Indian 500 and 2000 Rupee Notes Quality

Expose: Kejriwal tried to instigate Riots so that Govt extends Rs500/1000 notes exchange

Punjab elections are coming. For last one year AAP has given tough competition to BJP and Congress in the opinion polls to win Punjab. And allegedly AAP has received a huge amount of money from Hawala sources like “From Canada organisations” which wants AAP to win. Now once this money became a piece of paper after the announcement of Mr. Modi on 8th of November in which he announced that 500/1000 notes will be banned- Corrupts have got a surgical strike on their intentions. And it seems one of themRead More

Why all the Stone Pelting in Kashmir Has Suddenly Stopped???

The unemployed and uneducated youth in Kashmir have a source of income there. All they need to do is to present themselves as “Freedom Fighters” of Kashmir. Then they have to perform some thrilling and adventurous activities. They get paid accordingly! A fun-filled job for the youth. More so for school-going children. There is a risk of injury of course. But who cares when the blood is hot and money is easy? Their Rate-Card is fixed. For throwing stones at the Indian Army Jawans, Rs 100 to Rs 500 perRead More