Why all the Stone Pelting in Kashmir Has Suddenly Stopped???

The unemployed and uneducated youth in Kashmir have a source of income there. All they need to do is to present themselves as “Freedom Fighters” of Kashmir. Then they have to perform some thrilling and adventurous activities. They get paid accordingly! A fun-filled job for the youth. More so for school-going children. There is a risk of injury of course. But who cares when the blood is hot and money is easy? Their Rate-Card is fixed. For throwing stones at the Indian Army Jawans, Rs 100 to Rs 500 perRead More

Forget Modi’s Schemes, here is how You and I can make Cashless Society

Instead of whining about lack of cash, please look at it as an opportunity to bring in a difference in the lives of ignorant and uneducated people around you. I have never carried much cash in my life. I firmly believe in paying electronically. I pay my maid servant, milk, cable, newspaper, vegetable and grocery fellows through bank. I transfer funds. Everyone has accounts, even if they pretend to be poor. They will get used to getting money routinely in their accounts. Most importantly, you don’t have to go lookingRead More

Note Ban: 200% Penalty on Income Mismatch, we show how to calculate it. It can do wonders to Economy.

The government on Wednesday warned that the cash deposits above ₹2.5 lakh threshold under the 50-day window could attract tax plus a 200 percent penalty if the cash deposited in bank accounts doesn’t match with income declared.  “We would be getting reports of all cash deposited during November 10th to December 30th, 2016, above a threshold of ₹2.5 lakhs in every account. The Department would do matching of this with income returns filled by depositors and suitable action may follow,” Revenue Secretary Hashmukh Adhia said.  “Penalty of 200 per centRead More

Notes Ban: Interesting story, how Modi kept the secret till last minute, even cabinet members were locked in a room

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s gamechanging move to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes was a well-kept secret for nearly 6 months. According to an ET Now report, work on the big-bang black money reform started six months back and the entire operation was kept top secret to avoid any leak of sensitive info. It was around six months ago that the Modi government told the RBI to get set for this big-bang attack on black money. Earlier this year, Modi had made the decision to phase out the currentRead More

Read here: How currency note ban is not sudden decision, but a systematic planning from 2 yrs, by Modi Govt.

The Decision to stop the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denomination was not sudden. It merely started with bank account for all, the financial inclusion scheme, that Modi govt penned very first after assuming office, which yielded over whelming results and appraisal from World Bank. Then linked bank accounts with Aadhar, which was called as Direct Benefit Transfer. The primary aim of this Direct Benefit Transfer program is to bring transparency and terminate pilferage from distribution of funds sponsored by Central Government of India. In DBT, benefit or subsidy willRead More

Ever Wondered? Modi, a tea seller is more matured with his words and actions as compared to Kejriwal

Formal education doesn’t give anybody the ability to shape a country’s future or a society’s outlook. It merely qualifies the student for a job, at best. What it does give is access – to information, through literacy. Beyond that point, character and a whole lot of influences play a role in shaping a leader. India is a complex mix and can’t be mastered in a hurry, let alone led towards a cohesive vision. Modi has spent years honing his administrative abilities, and making them effective across the spectrum, across agesRead More

If you thought NDTV ban is unfair, read these “Unforgivable Crimes” by NDTV (Barkha) and decide yourself

The first time, it’s a silly mistake.The second time, it’s sheer stupidity.The third time, it’s an unforgivable crime. And this is how one would describe the ban on NDTV. In most cities across the world, if you frequently violate traffic rules despite repeated warnings and fines, the traffic police can confiscate your driving license for short duration before permanently banning your from driving. This is also done to put a blot on you D/L so that you dont repeat it again. This is exactly what has happened with NDTV. NDTVRead More

5 Shocking reasons why Pakistan and Kejriwal want Video of Surgical Strike made public

Why Pakisthan and it’s Agents in India want Video of surgical strike by India to be made public? To know about the Air Asset used in trasporting the forces Type and Technique used for the Air Drop which pakisthan was unable to detect To know about type of Body gear used by the forces To know the Guns and Ammunitions used in the surgical strike Type of headgear and attack formations used during the Operations. Once these secrets are disclosed, it will become easier to counter India with similar attacks.Read More

53 Years Ago, these 120 Men Saved Ladakh From China, only 6 survived to tell the tale

India hasn’t lost a lot of wars – which is why 1962 India-China war is essential because it hardened the resolve for India to create an army like no other.   Despite the fact that India lost the war, it made us realise how important it was to modernise our army and weaponry. The only thing that stood out though was the bravado of the Indian soldier – who fought to his last breath without weapons or back up often with his bare hands like in the case of RezangRead More

Kejriwal suspects Indian Army, by Asking this, such a Disgrace to nation

In a disgraceful effort towards nation and its soldiers, Kejriwal today pointed out how Pakistan is denying the surgical strike carried out by the Indian Army on September 29 and asking international media to report the same. To clarify matters, the Delhi CM urged Modi, “unmask the false propaganda of Pakistan”. In a series of tweets, he asked the Centre to “counter” Pakistan’s claims and also asked people not to believe Pakistan’s reports on the surgical strike. As soon Kejriwal tweeted the video, #AKBackModiOnPak, a hashtag he used with theRead More