Read how Disgustingly AAP leaders even supported their Rapist Minister Sandeep Kumar

Numerous blogs on the internet narrate several unimaginable and intriguing tales of ‘illicit-love affairs’ featuring various political leaders – both contemporary and those in history. If you chance upon them, you read them, get some free laughs and shrug them off. But when you happen to be a leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), you tend to see things differently, it seems. You stop for a while, diligently take note of it and keep it as an instrument to be used to construct an absurd defence, in case you get attackedRead More

Funny how AAP Leader Ashutosh run away on scooter after Delhi Public shouted Anti Kejriwal

AAP leader Ashutosh while interacting with public of Chandi Chowk faced intense protest. The crowd also shouted anti Kejriwal slogan. He ultimately flee on scooter