EPF protests


Opinion: Biggest failure of Modi Govt is doing what any other Govt did, Read to know

Biggest failure of Modi Government is doing what any other government did : Ignoring Salaried Middle class. No, we are not looking for any Tax relief, but please don’t flush indirect tax on us. We can not be the scape goat for achieving the Fiscal Targets. 1. Service tax raised from 12.36 to 15%. 2. Fuel Cess increased every now and then. We can understand once or twice but more than 6 times within a quarter? 3.Reduced Interest rate of PPF. 4.Amounts deducted on ATM transaction. We mostly travel inRead More

How Bengaluru women workers on behalf of pan-India, defeated the mighty Modi govt

Bengaluru: The two days of violent protests in Bengaluru, one in a buzzing area, Bommanahalli located at the hosur road connecting Electronic City, where the core IT companies are located. And another in Peenya, which is asia’s largest Industrial town, more to many Indian and International industries and garments. Women workers facing the heat of police as they had given orders of lathi charge when the situation went out of control When asked one of the women protesting, she said “it is my hard earned money, government cannot steal it”,Read More