A software engineer, who changed the Organic Farming landscape in Mandya, benefiting farmers

A farmer walks into the Organic Mandya store and puts a big bag of tomatoes and chillies on the table. The cashier weights it to be approximately 4.5 kg and 1.25 kg respectively and hands him a few crisp notes. The farmer pockets the money and walks away. The entire process took no less than six minutes. There were no delays, negotiations, middlemen or disappointments. But Mandya wasn’t like this a year ago. In July 2015, more than 20 sugarcane farmers committed suicide. Perennially irrigated and verdant, Mandya is justRead More

Inspirational Story: This ATM Security guard serves society in an unbelievable way

Dehradun: A retired army officer Vijender is working now as a Security Guard Officer at Allahabad Bank ATM in Dehradun. His job doesn’t end there, his desire to serve society and help nation is always in his mind, that no more have to be explained for a Ex-service man. He took up the cause to provide basic education free of cost to all the Child laborers and to the children who have no parents.  He now Gathers all of them together in the evening and making them to study. AlmostRead More