Expose: Kejriwal tried to instigate Riots so that Govt extends Rs500/1000 notes exchange

Punjab elections are coming. For last one year AAP has given tough competition to BJP and Congress in the opinion polls to win Punjab. And allegedly AAP has received a huge amount of money from Hawala sources like “From Canada organisations” which wants AAP to win. Now once this money became a piece of paper after the announcement of Mr. Modi on 8th of November in which he announced that 500/1000 notes will be banned- Corrupts have got a surgical strike on their intentions. And it seems one of themRead More

Ever Wondered? Modi, a tea seller is more matured with his words and actions as compared to Kejriwal

Formal education doesn’t give anybody the ability to shape a country’s future or a society’s outlook. It merely qualifies the student for a job, at best. What it does give is access – to information, through literacy. Beyond that point, character and a whole lot of influences play a role in shaping a leader. India is a complex mix and can’t be mastered in a hurry, let alone led towards a cohesive vision. Modi has spent years honing his administrative abilities, and making them effective across the spectrum, across agesRead More

5 Shocking reasons why Pakistan and Kejriwal want Video of Surgical Strike made public

Why Pakisthan and it’s Agents in India want Video of surgical strike by India to be made public? To know about the Air Asset used in trasporting the forces Type and Technique used for the Air Drop which pakisthan was unable to detect To know about type of Body gear used by the forces To know the Guns and Ammunitions used in the surgical strike Type of headgear and attack formations used during the Operations. Once these secrets are disclosed, it will become easier to counter India with similar attacks.Read More

Via RTI Reply: Kejriwal spent 59 Lakhs for personal expenses, 50Lakhs specifically for Tea/Snacks

Today when asked about the Dismal position of Delhi under shocking cases of Chikungunya, Dengue and Malaria, Arvind Kejriwal gave this shocking reply: CM n min left wid no power now, even to buy a pen. LG n PM enjoy all powers wrt Del. LG abroad.Question them for Del — Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) September 13, 2016 He claimed that he can not even buy a pen- He is so powerless in Delhi. But a RTI has exposed that in last one year he has spent over 58 Lakhs onRead More

Delhi is reeling under severe floods, but Kejriwal is enjoying holidays in Himachal

NEW DELHI: Days after DELHI government ministers mocked the Haryana government for the massive gridlock in Gurgaon, the capital came to a halt on Monday due to rain. Waterlogging on almost all the major arterial roads lead to massive traffic snarls in south and central Delhi.Ring Road and Outer Ring Road, which carry the bulk of traffic, were the worst-affected. Traffic police said about 50% of the complaints received since morning pertained to waterlogging that caused jams in Jasola, Okhla, Apollo (towards Ashram), RTR towards IIT gate, Chelmsford Road towardsRead More

Bollywood actor Irfan Khan tweeted this to all the 3 politicans, check the response here

There is a big big difference. In fact people need to stop comparing these 2 political brothers with Narendra Modi. These two don’t stand anywhere close to Modi. While on one hand Modi is busy working hard for the betterment of this country, these two politicians are busy spreading hate, spewing venom and doing dirty politics. This is what happened a 2 days back: Bollywood actor Irfan Khan tweeted this to all the 3 politicans. See the response: This is what Kejriwal responded: This is what Rahul Gandhi responded: ThisRead More

AAP issues notice to Kumar Vishwas for “Praying like Hindu”

NEW DELHI: Last week Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) organized an iftar party in the holy month of Ramadan to pray for world peace, secularism, eradication of poverty, and strengthening of democracy in India. Top leadership of the party attended this event, which was also aimed at promoting religious harmony and brotherhood – values that are of late under attack from the Sangh Parivar led by the RSS. To achieve the aforementioned goals for betterment of humanity, AAP leaders made dua (a form of Islamic prayer) to the almighty. Pictures ofRead More

Twitter Matter: How kejriwal is negatively obsessed with Modi

Mr Kejriwal’s tweets on various occasions, have revealed that he has lot of negatively towards Prime Minister Modi. Even before investigations or learning truth, Kejriwal has jumped to conclusions and starts accusing Modi without proof and support material. And later twitterati has been critical of him, for which he is always unapologetic. While Delhites just wish he uses his time in constructive work and fulfilling promises made to Delhi. We bring you here, some his such tweets in “Twitter Matter” On recent inaguration of E-Autos Recently Kejriwal cited a controversyRead More

Revealed: Aam Aadmi Party is not that agent of change, writes an IITian

Aam Aadmi Party has created a lot of waves among the masses as well as classes. This debutant party has shaken the foundations of existing Congress and the BJP. Many people see in it, the much needed agent of change, which the city of Delhi and perhaps the whole country needs. Will the AAP change the way politics is done in India? There are many good things (some extremely good) and many bad things (some extremely bad) talked about this party. I would select a few points to show thatRead More

Video: Shoe attack on Kejriwal at Odd-even press conf, Attacker claims to have CDs of AAP CNG Scam.

New Delhi: An unidentified man threw a shoe at Arvind Kejriwal this afternoon when the Delhi Chief Minister had just begun giving out details of the odd-even scheme for cars which will run again from April 15. The shoe landed near Mr Kejriwal, missing him. The shoe-thrower believed to be from a lesser known breakaway faction of AAP called the Aam Admi Sena was whisked away as soon as he hurled the shoe and a CD at Mr Kejriwal. Before throwing the shoe, the man was seen shouting and seekingRead More