Real Incident: An IIT student is thankful of Modi for OROP, after he met an Ex-serviceman

On 25th April,2016 , I went to SBI IIT Roorkee branch and I saw two old man sitting side by side watching their passbooks. 1st man was probably in his 80’s as he was with his daughter and even not able to stand straight properly. Second man nearly in his 60’s named Abdul was sitting nearby me and he asked me- ” Can you find the credit section of April month ” . Me – ” Yes , uncle ” He said ” Please sum the credited amount ” MeRead More

After 43 Years of apathy by Congress Govt, Defense pensioners get’s OROP due to Modi: Get’s 1st installment

MUMBAI: In 1973, the Indira Gandhi led Congress (I) Government, terminated ‘One Rank One Pension’ the basis for deciding pension of Indian Armed Forces Personnel ‘which had been in vogue for 26 years since independence’ through an ex parte administrative order. Current BJP Government led by Narendra Modi, decided to start the OROP scheme to all the defense pensioners. Top public sector lender State Bank of India today released arrears worth Rs 1,465 crore to 7.75 lakh defence pensioners under One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme, as per the governmentRead More