Funny how AAP Leader Ashutosh run away on scooter after Delhi Public shouted Anti Kejriwal

AAP leader Ashutosh while interacting with public of Chandi Chowk faced intense protest. The crowd also shouted anti Kejriwal slogan. He ultimately flee on scooter

Good News: Thanks to Modi Govt, Efficient functioning has made AirIndia Profitable now

New Delhi: Efficient functioning and reduction in operational costs has helped national carrier Air India turn from a loss-making airline into an “operational profit unit”, the Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday. The government also asserted that with regard to safety issues for air travellers, it will be the endeavour of the government “to keep our airports and skies absolutely safe” through foolproof adherence to prescribed international standards. “By cutting its operational expenses by almost 11 percent, Air India has turned from a Rs.2,636 crore loss making unit in 2014-15Read More