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What exactly is GST? Here is the simplest explanation

Many people have been messaging me asking what exactly GST is. So here is a quick and easy explanation of GST. There are two kinds of taxes, direct and indirect. Direct taxes are those which are directly to be paid by the assess to the Government and in India can be levied only by central government, i.e., you have to pay your own income tax. Indirect tax is that tax whose burden can be shifted to another person, and in India can be levied by both central and state governments.Read More

Watch: Dr Swamy ripped apart Congress with AgustaWestland facts, asked Govt to prosecute then congress ministers

 Discussion on the allegations of bribery and corruption in AgustaWestland chopper deal. Date: May 4, 2016, Rajya Sabha Budget Session – 239. Following are the 5 allegations made by Dr Swamy against the Congress party in the Agusta Westland deal.1) The international norm for cabin height for any helicopter is 1.45 metre. But the parameter was changed by the new UPA to 1.80 metres. There is no other helicopter produced in the world that produces under this parameter. So the process had already started to eliminate other players so thatRead More

Entry of Subramanian Swamy has changed the narrative in Rajya Sabha, Read how

Swarajya Mag Like the setting of the proverbial cat among the pigeons, the arrival of Subramanian Swamy in the Rajya Sabha has, at least temporarily,changed the narrative in the Rajya Sabha. With his devil-may-care attitude and refusal to acknowledge the existence of sacred political cows, Swamy has effectively broken the Omerta code on Sonia Gandhi and the Dynasty. She is no longer above criticism or treated as some kind of exalted figure hovering far above the rough-and-tumble of everyday politics. You may not like the man, his methods, his choiceRead More