Notes Ban: Interesting story, how Modi kept the secret till last minute, even cabinet members were locked in a room

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s gamechanging move to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes was a well-kept secret for nearly 6 months. According to an ET Now report, work on the big-bang black money reform started six months back and the entire operation was kept top secret to avoid any leak of sensitive info. It was around six months ago that the Modi government told the RBI to get set for this big-bang attack on black money. Earlier this year, Modi had made the decision to phase out the currentRead More

Was Raghuram Rajan unable to push his ideas to reality? Here is our thought!

Just been going thru a lot of discussion happening on Raghuram Rajan’s (RR) decision to exit from the RBI. If I look back in perspective, I expected this was supposed to happen much earlier. Not because he was unqualified (he was over qualified for that matter), not because he was one such force who was working against many of the govt policies (or presumed to be by many,which RR himself has rejected). What I think a greatest failure of RR has been his inability to sell his ideas to theRead More