A Netizen asked, why Modi propagating Hindutva thru Yoga in a secular India, and this answer to that will Amaze everyone!

Question: Is Narendra Modi trying to propagate Hindutva ideology by trying to promote Yoga Day in a secular country like India? Answer: Absolutely not! Everybody remember this car? The very famous Maruti 800! One of the most influential automobiles in India for middle class people right from early 1980’s. Just because the name of the manufacturer is a Hindu God (Maruti), does that make this car not any good for the Muslims, or will the Muslims not buy it? Absolutely No! Just like the car is a useful way ofRead More

Revealed: Aam Aadmi Party is not that agent of change, writes an IITian

Aam Aadmi Party has created a lot of waves among the masses as well as classes. This debutant party has shaken the foundations of existing Congress and the BJP. Many people see in it, the much needed agent of change, which the city of Delhi and perhaps the whole country needs. Will the AAP change the way politics is done in India? There are many good things (some extremely good) and many bad things (some extremely bad) talked about this party. I would select a few points to show thatRead More