Watch: Dr Swamy ripped apart Congress with AgustaWestland facts, asked Govt to prosecute then congress ministers

 Discussion on the allegations of bribery and corruption in AgustaWestland chopper deal. Date: May 4, 2016, Rajya Sabha Budget Session – 239. Following are the 5 allegations made by Dr Swamy against the Congress party in the Agusta Westland deal.1) The international norm for cabin height for any helicopter is 1.45 metre. But the parameter was changed by the new UPA to 1.80 metres. There is no other helicopter produced in the world that produces under this parameter. So the process had already started to eliminate other players so thatRead More

Why did Agusta paid 6M Euros to Christian Michel to manage Media in India? Dr Swamy reports to RS

The agreement shows that from January 2010 onwards AgustaWestland (AW) the manufacturer, will pay €275,000 to Michel’s company for a period of 22 months. The total amount allotted is more than 6 million Euros, (€6,050,000 to be exact). It should be noted that the VVIP chopper deal was signed in 2009 and the media management contract started in 2010; for a period of 22 months Michel received 275,000 Euros per month for this covert PR exercise. Christian Michel would stay at The Claridges  New Delhi, a place known for schmoozingRead More

Sonia Gandhi’s sister in Italy sells Antiques stolen from India: Alleges Swamy in a viral video

New Delhi: A video is going viral on various social media platforms. The video features serious allegations against Sonia Gandhi by Subramanian Swamy. The video shows BJP leader Subramanian Swamy accusing Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s sister in Italy running a shop of Indian antiques. “The antiques, which are being sold by Sonia Gandhi’s sister, were stolen from India,” Swamy alleged. Watch the Video Here: Video: BeingRight doesn’t vouch for authenticity of the video.