Bollywood actor Irfan Khan tweeted this to all the 3 politicans, check the response here

There is a big big difference. In fact people need to stop comparing these 2 political brothers with Narendra Modi. These two don’t stand anywhere close to Modi. While on one hand Modi is busy working hard for the betterment of this country, these two politicians are busy spreading hate, spewing venom and doing dirty politics. This is what happened a 2 days back: Bollywood actor Irfan Khan tweeted this to all the 3 politicans. See the response: This is what Kejriwal responded: This is what Rahul Gandhi responded: ThisRead More

Twitter Matter: How kejriwal is negatively obsessed with Modi

Mr Kejriwal’s tweets on various occasions, have revealed that he has lot of negatively towards Prime Minister Modi. Even before investigations or learning truth, Kejriwal has jumped to conclusions and starts accusing Modi without proof and support material. And later twitterati has been critical of him, for which he is always unapologetic. While Delhites just wish he uses his time in constructive work and fulfilling promises made to Delhi. We bring you here, some his such tweets in “Twitter Matter” On recent inaguration of E-Autos Recently Kejriwal cited a controversyRead More

Real Story: A tweet can Fix the door in Indian train, how?

Real Story shared by Mr. Animesh Chandra Shrivastav I was travelling in August Kranti Rajdhani from Nizamuddin to Mumbai Central. The door of the AC compartment was however not working properly and it always got stuck in the mid-way leaving the door half open, because of which noise increased and also mosquito’s and flies were entering the coach. We all people sitting together next to door ignored the problem thinking there can be no solution. However when I went to sleep the noise coming from outside became very irritating andRead More