5 Shocking reasons why Pakistan and Kejriwal want Video of Surgical Strike made public

Why Pakisthan and it’s Agents in India want Video of surgical strike by India to be made public? To know about the Air Asset used in trasporting the forces Type and Technique used for the Air Drop which pakisthan was unable to detect To know about type of Body gear used by the forces To know the Guns and Ammunitions used in the surgical strike Type of headgear and attack formations used during the Operations. Once these secrets are disclosed, it will become easier to counter India with similar attacks.Read More

Modi’s Interview from Late 90’s, he has explained how he did BA and MA degrees.

In a recorded interview from the late 1990s Modi clearly says “He was persuaded to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Delhi University through “external exam” and that later he earned a master’s degree from an unspecified university” Some important noteworthy points he made during the interview He is found saying in the Interview that he left home after the high school, wandering in Himalayas and later doing pracharak work. He loves to be dressed up neat and tidy with his iconic kurthas, which he personally chooses. And all his personalRead More